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Concept Cash Cards offers a wide range of pre-designed gift cards or you can create your own. The cards have no value until loaded through the terminal so there is no danger of theft or losses. Stock the gift of choice and provide your customers with this exciting gift-option.

Open Loop Gift cards : An Open Loop Program allows the recipient to redeem the value of the gift card at any merchant within Australia with access to Eftpos ^^. These cards can be used to extend your brand to customers, used in promotions or for employee bonuses etc. Full branding cards can be activated with funds by using your refund button on your Eftpos terminal.

Closed Loop program : A Closed Loop Program means your cards can only be used in your store or stores which you choose. You can resell or distribute these cards as needed.


Gain new customers and reduce returns and refunds:
Gift cards provides an opportunity to build relationships with new customers.

Increased sales
Shoppers who use a store gift card spend on average 30% more than the value of the card.

Free advertising
Customer's see your store name on their gift card. It’s another way to brand your business.

Simple to use
Links into existing EFTPOS system - No need to upgrade your current Point of Sale system.

Gift Cards unlike gift vouchers Gift Cards can be displayed, because they hold no value until loaded. This means they SELL much better. Our Gift Cards are part of the Australian banking system with the security you expect from other EFTPOS cards.

Extend your product line
Gift cards are new merchandise that you can sell to your customers, effectively extending your product line.

Key features of our Gift Cards

  • Choose from our many attractive gift card designs or provide your corporate logo for branded customisation
  • Truly flexible, they can be used at thousands of locations. Anywhere EFTPOS is accepted**
  • Secure, gift cards are activated only when they are issued or when recipient receives the card in the mail
  • Easy on cash flow, we provide you unloaded cards (no value on them). Only load them when you issue them to your customers
  • Extremely cost effective and they work!

What to do next

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** at the merchant's descretion'